Healthcare sector solutions and services

Healthcare is the sector in which we have accumulated a unique set of experience and skills, while our footprint is visible in the main digital health projects and the relevant reform strategies, so as for us to be considered one of the leading forces which led digital health since the start of the 21st century. As such, REFORMER can guarantee to its clients high end services like:

  • Designing complex healthcare projects, which combine services, specialized software, cutting edge technology equipment and deep know-how into solutions applicable for a wide range of organisations.
  • Managing complex healthcare projects, whose complexity may refer to the scope of the solutions implemented, the multitude of healthcare units and administrative institutions implicated and the operational challenges, especially regarding adaptation from the medical and nursing staff and requirements for applying unified solutions to heterogeneous healthcare units.
  • Facilitating cooperation with research centers and national and international institutions, with whom we coexist in an ecosystem of research, development and innovation, aiming at implementing leading practices worldwide at the Greek healthcare system.
  • Monitoring technological, regulatory and commercial developments, so as to constantly be in position to identify and propose solutions based on innovative applications, such as telemedicine, IoT (internet of things), Artificial Intelligence, combined with 5g communication infrastructure.
  • Specialized consulting regarding healthcare management and economics, which takes into account sector particularities compared to general management and economics scientific practice. Our extensive experience refers to every part of healthcare operations and strategy, apart form the medical and nursing act itself and consequently the scope of our counsel may be equally broad.
  • Personalized strategic consulting for entering the healthcare market or increasing one's footprint.
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