Project design and implementation


Being present in the full lifecycle of any actions we propose to meet our customers' needs is a commitment for everyone at REFORMER. Thus, we hold experience and propose solutions for both the design and the implementation of complex projects.

Any successful projectis based on sound design which takes into account:

  • Combining know-how and product features to design innovative solutions.
  • Deep understanding of market needs.
  • The identification and facilitation of partnership aiming at high added value synergies
  • Available funding tools
  • The conception and design of innoative solutions
  • The detailed financial planning, emphasizing on cost.
  • Thoroughly estimating risk
  • The positive social, financial and environmental project footprint.
  • The operational priorities of European and national programs, which can be summarized in digital education, digital health, the digitisation of SME's, the green agreement (pact???????) and connectivity

For any organization aiming at undertaking and successfully implementing projects:

  • We take into account its strategy and competitive advantage, in order to propose projects and financing schemes which are worth monitoring.
  • We propose innovative solutions which utilize its products and human resources and allow the targeting of a wider range of projects.
  • We share our access to the ecosystem of organisations that implement complex projects, so as to create partnerships offering both immediate project targeting and long term perspective.

Specifically for government projects:

  • We offer consulting in terms of recruiting and process engineering, in order for our clients to successfully tackle the challenges around public sector tender participation.
  • We help monitor the public debate around government project and participate with remarks and proposals.
  • We evaluate public sector tender opportunities, according to our clients' targeting.
  • We examine tender specifications and coordinate the submission of requests for clarifications.
  • We direct the bid submission process, emphasizing on points which may prove critical for success. These may refer to technical and financial elements, as well as minimum participation requirements.
  • We analyze competitive bids, and address relevant remarks to the evaluation committee
  • We provide answer for any questions addressed by the avaluation committee.
  • We carefully advise on the use of judicial procedures to challenge unfavorable decisions, identifying arguments which may be of value and objectively estimating success possibilities.
  • We single out important aspects during the negotiations for public sector contracts signing.

Implementing complex projects presents equally complex challenges, which need to be tackled for successgul completion. Our extensive experience these challenges often refer to:

  • Abiding to contractual terms
  • Conducting thorough requirement analysis.
  • Redacting reports and deliverables respecting contractual terms and high quality standards.
  • Directly and productively communicating with project stakeholders. Key stakeholders are identified through their formal and informal roles and their degree of implication, while communication is streamlined in order to advance a positive agenda and timely detect and resolve possible friction.
  • Comprehensive preparation for control procedings.

Importantly, our strategy considers every project as an opportunity to create partnerships, economies of scale and to innovate in terms of solution development and beneficiary needs interpretation.

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