Transformation (Structural, Business, Digital)

Through our extensive experience in a wide array of sectors and business environments, adaptability in  constantly changing conditions has arisen as the defining factor for long term firm survival and prosperity.

At REFORMER, our starting point is knowing and analysing our customers' needs, so as to propose, design and implement the complete set of necessary changes, taking into account the business and technological environment, while paying due respect to each organisation's people and history. The range of applicable changes may vary between selected interventions and comprehensive reform regarding:

  • Structural and procedural changes such as introducing new departments or merging existing ones and specific but but important modifications in standard operating procedures.
  • Business development reorientation towards new markets, product development and designing innovative solutions.
  • Introducing digital elements in existing solutions, in order to technologically enhance the added value offered to customers.
  • Strategic partnerships with the optimal mix of business development and scientific perspective.
  • Adapting any strategically significant plan to the talents and skills of the available human resources.
  • Securing the implementation process through carefully evaluating risks and designing compliance policies, based on agreed internal and regulatory standards.


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