Management Consulting

Organizations are based on management making decisions and offering guidance, which will ensure long term survival and prosperity. Importantly, the success path followed should fit the overall business vision and the top management's character. Thus, significant decisions require a combined assessment of market conditions, strategic planning and the human frame, the latter being expressed as the professional and sentimental bonds with the stakeholders within or close to the organization. We, at REFORMER, keeping the above in mind, focus on:

  • Strategic planning that motivates and empowers organizations and its people, through providing tailored overall direction and implementation path.
  • Exploiting our extensive experience in transforming businesses, in order to propose the required organizational or business change and supporting its implementation.
  • Establishing environments prone to innovation, regarding combining existing products and know-how into innovative solutions and product portfolio enhancement.
  • Well documented strategic partnership proposals
  • Holistic consulting referring to business development, project management and day-to-day operations.
  • Identifying risk and implementing relevant management, based on agreed compliance standards.
  • Contributing to the implementation process, so as to ensure smooth adaptation and timely reactive fine tuning and redesign.
  • Adapting our communication with key stakeholders in terms of depth and frequency, according to strategy implementation specifics and relevant responsiveness, internally and marketwise.
  • Enriching management information mechanisms, so as to optimize decision making
  • Enhancing performance of key people in organizations, such as middle managers and rising stars.
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