Research and development consulting services

Innovation is an essential component for the developement of organisations, their constant adaptation in ever-changing conditions and their long term survival. In order to constantly seek innovation, at REFORMER we combine a wide range of tools for research and development:

  • We identify the organisational, operational and commercial changes which may render an organisation naturally prone to innovation.
  • We seek to combine products and know-how found in the organisation, in innovative solutions ready to serve market needs.
  • We constantly scan the international innovation ecosystem in order to propose, facilitate and support strategic partnerships between companies, research centers, educational institutions, keeping in mind that a good partnership fit in terms of know-how and experience can lead to exponential progress in research and development.
  • Our cross sector activity allows us to identify best practices from one sector, which can be replicated in others as innovative solutions.
  • We monitor and creatively utilize national and European financing tools and programs, seeking to support innovation, when additional investment is needed.


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